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Often when we have a problem we can not see a way out and so it almost impossible to view the future. Solution Focused Brief Therapy is a very effective method that allows the client to focus on how they want their future to be and what they want to achieve. It is goal oriented which enables the client to come up with solutions that are achievable. This allows the therapist and client to start creating a path in the direction the client would like to go.


Solution Focused Hypnotherapy is a collaboration of these methods. Change can be brought about by encouraging a positive shift in perspective to achieve the desired future. It allows the client to understand that change is possible if they are willing to be committed and determined to take the steps needed to achieve their goal.

This method encourages the mind to focus on the positive parts of  life and is designed to reduce stress and anxiety. The therapist supports the client to recognise and accept their current situation, and to determine where they want to be. Once this has been achieved then the therapist can support the client to come up with the steps that are needed to make positive changes.

*Results may vary and rely on client’s participation within the therapy as well as in between sessions.

Anxiety - Stress - Low self-esteem - Phobias and fears - Sleep issues - Anger management - Weight management - Low motivation - and much more...


Hypnosis is a safe and gentle way to help reduce anxiety levels by using relaxation and visualisation. While in this state it enables the mind to deal with a range of mental, emotional and physical conditions. It is a very natural state of heightened relaxation that we enter into many times a day i.e. when we are out for walks, watching television or reading a book- It is also knows as daydreaming.

The client remains in full control and aware of their surroundings at all times.

Psychotherapy involves the therapist and client talking together about thoughts, feelings and behaviours to help bring about the best solutions.